About Us

Greggie K is the author of well-known western Australian E Book and hard copy “The Flying Bushman”. Born and raised in the Murchison region of WA, as a pastoralist/ chopper pilot/Shire Councilor in the early 80’s gave him the unique opportunity of seeing only places that could be reached by helicopter so much of the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison regions along with the world heritage listed Shark Bay and it amazing characters, whilst mustering thousands of cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock along with feral animals.

Having a deep love of the land author Greggie K whose books explore the wonders of the Australian bush that is difficult to really understand unless you have experienced it. But the author having the good fortune to have a good education at Hale School but with that red dust in his veins can describe even to the weekender the feel and touch of the bush through his firsthand accounts of true stories he experienced.

However his concern of the future for the regions and their ultimate demise partly due to climate change and or lack of Government interest, poor commodity prices and less people wishing to work in the bush in comparison to the bright lights, forget where Australia has come from and those that helped make it what it is today.

Mostly due to global warming and years of poor seasons the author moved to Perth after selling his station property in the late 90’s and was involved in various business activities including Real Estate, Sales/Marketing, New Business Development, his own Mining /Pastoral/ consultancy and Auction House to name some.

As a single man he now still travels the regions of WA continuing to write and working in various roles and keeping in touch with his 3 children and 2 grandchildren since his divorce in 2004 after 20 years of marriage.