This is a copy of an email I sent to Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur who I first spoke to a few years ago when she was recommending the development of building an online business and travelling the world at the same time as she does. I was considering an online business for the future and this Blog page is just one facet of that idea.

We have kept in contact since

At that particular time when I first made contact with Natalie I was traveling to Wandagee Station two hours NE of Carnarvon, to caretake it for a while and because of its isolation felt that if an online business could be run from there – it could be run from anywhere in the world. This was an ideal chance to try and test the concept.

In a recent email to me, Natalie mentioned she had written a book which was due to be published and I  gave her some personal experiences that happened to me only recently  – not that she needs much advice from me, she speaks on the world circuit.

( below is a section of that email to Natalie Sisson)

Hi Natalie,

Yes, one has to give of oneself in writing anything for publication such as a book or similar. I remember when I first put my E-book “The Flying Bushman” and then the hard copy onto Amazon in 2016 I was wondering about the responses I would receive. Especially in giving so much of myself to the particular story of “when I nearly perished as a kid.” But I think you get more confident with good reviews and support from people whose opinion you respect.

And the impact  of writing a book or whatever  can be amazing:

Only last night I thought I would go to a pub  the Duke Bar and Bistro on Joondalup Drive Carramar on the way home to watch the footie and hopefully see the GWS beat the crapp out of Collingwood

And whilst there started talking with a couple at the table next to where I sat watching the game

We were chatting, and somehow the topic of books came up and I said well actually I am an author and that by complete coincidence, I had some of my books in the boot of my car outside that my publisher from the US had sent me only a few days earlier. They said they would love to see it as they were quite avid readers.

Going out to the carpark to get them a book  I met a couple going home from the hotel and in conversation unbelievably it turns out she was a teacher in Mullewa a few years back, my closest hometown to Curbur Station in the Murchison my home.

She said she had heard of the Flying Bushman and was so amazed that we should meet and wanted a book.

Her ginger bearded boyfriend who was Irish of course ( Peter) fumbled in his pocket to grab some notes for his girl’s new book, as he could see she was obviously excited about it, and no doubt thinking he was on a winner (smart like that the Irish) and I duly signed it for her.

We hugged and kissed after some more discussions about Mullewa and they departed, I went back inside with another book to give to my drinking friends, who were just leaving due to my delay and reminiscing in the carpark.

Lyn, the English lady( who has been out here thirty years but still has that beautiful English accent) and her husband had to pick up their son but had gone to the trouble to leave their mob number on the beer coaster where we were sitting, so they could make contact with  me for a book to purchase.

So the moral of the story is:  you just never know how things may develop as an author, or who you may run into that knows of your work

See how the love spreads, it’s a beautiful thing when the intent is genuine

The only bad experience for the evening was that the pies beat GWS

I wish you the best of luck Natalie  for your spreading of the love and welcome as a fellow author


Greg – Blog site -“The speaker’s Crack”

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