The front entrance to the Curbur Homestead

The front entrance to the Curbur Homestead

Now Janet wanted to get back at her younger 4 year old brother Peanut Johnson who happened to be sitting on the toilet this day when he realised – there was no paper left!!!

Now 7 year old Janet had had enough of her brother’s shenanigans recently, and was hell bent on bringing him back into line.

There he was screaming to her from the back toilet to bring him some paper –and well, she just thought it was her opportunity to give him a bit of his own medicine!!

She rushed out to the back garden where the large tomato bushes were growing, and grabbed the closest and largest leaf she could find. Running back toward the toilet she leaned around the corner, to hand her brother the pitiful excuse for toilet paper. She certainly made sure she wasn’t getting too close – for quite obvious reasons.
“Use this” she instructed, casually leaving her younger sibling in a complete quandary, as to what he was meant to do with what she had given him!!!

Reluctantly, and with no other option, the young boy leant forward and did what a young man has to do, in such cases!!

Weelll – the repercussions were immediate and severe.

The spines on the tomato leaf shot into his bottom, and removed him from his seat in very quick time.
It was then that it dawned on him at this tender young age, that his older sister had tricked him –and his anger rose as he moved from the toilet, in no uncertain terms, towards his sister’s bedroom without even pulling up his jocks or trousers. In fact he was starkers, as he was on his way to the shower previously, when nature had interrupted him.

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