How goats are transported

June 5, 2018

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It was only when we were crouched low, in the foot space of the jeep, and out of sight, that Dad put the jeep into second gear and with forward motion started us driving off down the road towards the oncoming tourists with the caravan – that’s when the penny dropped!!

Looking backwards and up at the sheep, from the floor as it were, with legs tied, perched on their backsides quite comfortably in both driver’s and passenger seats, they seemed as if they were in on the joke too. Both sheep were smiling and sitting back bolt upright, as you could have expected them to attempt to struggle, or at least kick in the new position.But it seemed to me they knew something was going down –and they were just going to enjoy themselves anyway. We had to hold them of course –just in case –but out of site to the oncoming vehicle
When we eventually got close and then passed the car load of incredulous tourists a few moments later, their facial expressions were priceless. It changed from been friendly tourist waving madly to the locals, with two board city kids in the back seat, on a lonelyoutback track. To anastonished “head flip”, open mouthed at what they felt they had witnessed, as if to double check what they thought they had seen, first time.

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