In their amazing cave rescue on the 8 July 2018 in Tham Luang, Thailand, Aussie’s Richard Harris and Craig Challen stepped up and helped to save the lives of the trapped Thai students and their teacher.

To their credit they have admitted that they were not sure their attempts to anaesthetise the kids and move them all that distance underwater was going to work. But importantly, they did their homework, weighed up the pros and cons, stepped up to the plate of responsibility and achieved a very positive outcome

We have been given the plate and now this is our time to step up. Pull out the Scrabble and Twister and listen, because we need to spend some time around the campfire.

To get through this we will all need to change our behaviours and pull together as an Australian community. But it’s not all bad. Some of the things we think are important, are not that important anyway in this bigger picture we are now confronting. Drinks down the pub after work and that weekly restaurant meal out, although enjoyable and important before, are now very much on the back burner, as they should be

This is a time for all of us to step up for ourselves, our families and loved ones, and our communities. And I’m sure we will see this is already happening.

As regular readers of my blog will know, my goal here has always been to improve the impact on my community where I can and where applicable – and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

As many of my readers are country and bush people they will not probably be affected by these public health measures as much as their city counterparts, not only because a lot of their work day has them “social distancing” anyway, but more importantly they are more used to confronting serious disruptions to their daily tasks that nature and other challenges throw at them nearly every day. They will handle this and continue to produce and supply their goods and services as best they can do, the same as any other day.

One thing for sure, some people who have had things that they considered were sooooo important to them, may have to reconsider their priorities. When you get healthy young doctors in this field of expertise dying across the world, you can’t underestimate this virus because – it’s serious shit!

As difficult as it is at this stage to consider, there will be some positives to come out of this disaster. So what are these positives likely to come out of this, because let’s face it, we all need positive news at present.

Well I honestly believe that business and some business practices as we know them will fundamentally have to change right across the board. We have already seen banks and of course the Government step up, the Reserve Bank and others, but that will only be the tip of this iceberg.

For the first time in more than a century, businesses large and small are going to be forced to consider the financial ramifications to business parties above and below them in the business chain, and not just their personal greedy interests. I believe they will be forced to realize that ‘sharing their business pie’ is as vital to their financial interests and future as everybody else along the chain. Overnight the business tide has changed, and for the first time in their lives some of these businesses will beforced to consider the customer. I mean really – not window-dressing.

Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! I’m not religious, but that would nearly get me to attend church. Instead of me, me, and me, it will be us!

This situation has forced banks and other institutions to dramatically change their big powerful brother stance and say ‘I’m happy to talk to you as a mortgage holder’, because they don’t want another twenty houses in the street for forced sale! Well, most of them will be saying it.

They’re not going to do it because they love you. They’re going to do it because they will have a financial gun at their heads.

The change of ‘power’ in the business arrangement will shift towards the ‘client’ a little more and away from the bean counter – as it should always have been. The power of the client has been eroded away over a number of years, chip by little chip, by these sleazy, unproductive bastards who now will have to step out from behind their camouflaged signage.

Now I’m not attacking these financial employees personally here, they have just had to follow their instructions. My guess is that now, all of a sudden, banks and similar institutions will be available to take your call and be accessible to your suggestions of a rescheduling of your commitments.

And don’t be sucked in by the banks first little foray of six months delay of payments. That may actually be doing you more harm and postponing the inevitable. You still have to pay it back in a potentially minimal market. They’re still working off the old program – they haven’t seen the light yet.

Banks have had it very good and mostly on their terms for a long, long time. It’s going to be difficult for them to start eating humble pie and boiled potatoes – perhaps we should suggest adding a little butter or something.

But let’s keep positive here. What things can we all do as a community to improve this situation?

I have great faith in people stepping up when needed, especially when they can see that things are dire.

So one of my suggestions is a 1800 number direct to Government. There are a lot of smart people out there with different sets of skills that can make very sensible ‘out of the square’ suggestions that may be applicable to their particular expertise, workplaces or general public interest. This is a time for everybody to step up – maybe a simple suggestion out of left field or not may be a game changer! Of course there will be idiot suggestions – but just bin them and move on. It’s not as if we won’t have plenty of potential candidates to handle the telephones

Secondly, places where we all have to congregate – shopping centres and chemists and the like – have to lift their game! While management are stumbling about worrying how to organising some more security for idiots stockpiling toilet rolls, people are surely getting infection in their establishments.

If chemists with a little ‘out-of-the-square’ thinking can’t arrange a car pick-up or delivery service with their small items – I will go! Lift ya game, the umpire has his whistle to start the last quarter. Let’s bring the best out in Aussies. Think outside the square, there will be teething problems, but who gives a shit! If it gets school kids with personal protective equipment on running stuff out to people in car parks – so what. They may be needing that pocket money soon.

Shopping centres are an unavoidable meeting place for germs, unfortunately! Especially bad germs like this bastard. A trolley probably gets handled thirty times before you touch it. You only need one of those thirty to be a carrier, and when you scratch the itch in your eye you may well have a problem for yourself, your loved ones and, in fact, everybody. I’m not being alarmist – I’m just calling it as it is.

And we have all seen those people in front of us when we shop who touch and feel as many pieces of fruit or vegetable they can be for they finally settle on one to purchase. Let’s call it for what it is, those selfish bastards have always been and always will be out there – so let’s just block it. Internet purchase and drive through pick-up avoids all that and similar behaviours. Why weren’t we doing that yesterday? Lift your bloody game super markets.

So let’s get smarter everybody, at points where the public need groceries and mob up. We need to change our usual habits in any positive way we can.

These are just a couple of ideas that have hit me in the face recently, but I would be very keen for anybody and everybody who wants to make a written reply to my blog here, with sensible practical ideas that are worth considering. And I will do all in my power to get them to where they can be utilised.

Stay safe and keep positive. Mothers and elders, calmly guide your families and love ones and don’t forget the ausie humour, it can break up the worst of atmospheres. We will get through this, but you will need to hang on tight.

Aussie humor can break the worst atmosphere

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