He could feel the Titanic was not far from sinking but he set the deck chairs out on the stern beautifully.

It’s very difficult to find anything or anybody in the Liberal party that seems to have earnt much creditability in recent weeks, but if you were to crystalize the whole process into suspended animation for a minute I think Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull deserves a special mention

In the very early stages of this recent political route he made some very strategic chess moves

Firstly, he made the surprise move on Tuesday to nearly all and sundry, to call an early spill motion. Causing nearly all the drawn knives to lose some of their edge. And giving him a foundation of forty eight supporters against thirty five (as one was away ill) for the moment to catch a breath and plan the next steps

Then he proceeded to pressure Dutton to confirm his ability to sit in the Parliament. Notwithstanding he didn’t seem to mind his attendance there previously.

Then, he demanded a written list of 43 signed names of would be assassins before he would call a second spill motion against his Prime minister ship with the legitimate reasoning that they should be prepared to put their names on the table if they were prepared to make this move against him. It took some time for this total list to materialize as it was forcing people to “put up or shut up” Once received he even makes them wait a bit longer to be “verified by the whips”, all diminishing the ice under Dutton supporters feet

This also gives Turnbull enough time to get up his own runner for the top job Scott Morrison( and for him to get his numbers together) and who has been his supporter all along and has more central leanings than Dutton ( who I heard a  women explain to a reporter she felt looked like “an  undertaker” –after the pathetic turmoil witnessed on our screens  I laughed till I cried at her description) and closer to that of his own.

And in the process usurps Dutton’s numbers and gets his man up.

As a last weapon if required Turnbull still had in his kit bag was that if Dutton got up he would leave his own seat immediately   potentially losing the one seat majority the government hangs on with the slimmest of margins to stay in government.

Now all this said of course, we on the street don’t know exactly what was going on inside Government but it would seem that Turnbull had rumblings against him from not only the Abbott camp (how can we get rid of that bloke) but had been losing rank and file support for whatever reasons for some time and it had finally come to a head.  No doubt the Longman by election on July 28th was the final straw of proof they needed, with a number of candidates worried about their own seats

As die hard west Ausies we’re all disappointed Julie Bishop was the first of the trio to have to drop out according to the vote and the process and eleven votes were never going to cut it. She was in a long term relationship with a Murchison mate of mine and former liberal senator Ross Lightfoot years ago, but I’m sure she will get opportunities offered to her as her job and connections Internationally  she has demonstrated would be of huge benefit  to Australia. Would have loved to see the shoes she would have worn as prime minister!! They would have had a “high heel” I reckon with what she has seen in politics.

Well after all this turmoil in Liberal ranks and despite the fact that the Liberal party has caused so much internal damage, now that Prime Minister Morrison has more time to build a support base, mainly thanks to his predecessor setting it up, I will put myself right out there with a prediction.

I think Morrison may be able to win   the next federal election narrowly.

And the main reason is that so many people, even labour voters hate Bill Shorten with a passion.

Despite the fact that he should be able to do it on his ear now. His constant arrogance, total disrespect, never having a positive word to say about anything or anybody and perceived superiority just leaves most people cold.

Obviously seats are won and lost on the local candidate but when they go in the booth they think about the boss that will be in charge

Give him twelve months

They say it’s always dangerous to speak/ write about politics as it puts you into one corner or another.

Although I am mostly a conservative voter I will call it as I see it. I am certainly not one of those one eyed voters whom I think are a bit foolish because the facts are there is good and bad in all policies on all sides of politics and we as voters have a responsibility to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The Liberal Party Needs Time to Reflect

Even Winx would have had enough chaff to eat in Canberra this week.

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