Michael and Matilda as youngsters

Michael and Matilda as youngsters

Michael and Matilda as youngsters learning to “boil the billy” with pup in hand on Curbur at Chivas Hill.

I would have never guessed that when I took the kids to the Glendenning Road Skate Park, in Geraldton, that the two girls would have the most exciting experience of their life.

I said to their Mum Krystal, I would take the three children out for the day, to give her a chance to catch up on some assignments she needed to complete before next week.

It was a lovely Saturday morning around ten am when I called for them and we proceeded to pack the picnic hamper of fruit, drinks and chips. I packed Robert’s Animator bike in as he was four, Jasmine’s Push tricycle and Ayla’s Scooter for the two seven year old girls for the skate park. And I remembered later “hell”, I didn’t bring their helmets.

We dropped in to Macca’s on the way to the park for an ice-cream cone, but their machine wasn’t working, so we backtracked to “Hungry Jocks”, as I like to call them. They ate them with amazing hunger and the unusual quietness from the rear seat, confirmed they were hitting the spot. After a few wrong turns we ended up taking Glendenning road off Brand Highway and ran just around the corner to the Park. As we were in close proximity, Robert was shouting from the back seat, “that’s it, that’s the park, there it is”.

It was a beautiful grassed park with a skate park on the southern end, with kids play ground area toward the north western end and a nice family BBQ area on the western side with big shade trees, where a large family were having and early lunch and kicking the football.

A little girl was trying was trying to kick the football back to her father but missed her foot completely as she through it down.

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