The Keynes cousins when younger

The Keynes cousins when younger

I couldn’t hear the jeep at all now, and hadn’t done so for some time!! Had he stopped or broken down or was he that far away I couldn’t hear him and what direction should I be listening for him anyway?

It was then that I realised just how thirsty I was, and for the first time lost some interest in getting the sheep to water, and was starting to think more and more of my own survival.

I sat down in the shadiest spot I could find handy, and tried to come to terms with the awful event that had transpired, trying to think calmly although my mouth was so dry, and my tongue was feeling like a large dry rock in a cave. I strained to hear the noise of the jeep –in any direction. There was none, and only silence came back from this bush oven, and only the noise of the odd crow could be heard, and I shivered as I thought of what they had done to those sheep back at George’s mill. Even the birdlife had gone to shade cover and not flying to save energy in the shimmering heat, the tail sheep had stopped making any noise as they were now also stationary in the shade in close proximity.

It was now I was starting to become desperate and losing my cool, I knew things were fast becoming really dire, as he was a long way away, and most of all I had lost confidence in the direction I thought I was going
The desperate concern was overtaking me now and I was starting to feel sure that I may not be found in time, as how and why was Dad going to find me in this thick scrub where I was presently, as I had nothing to guide him to me? No matches no smoke from a fire, as I had jumped out of the jeep without considering that in my youthful enthusiasm.

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