Greg Keynes grew up on the family property, Curbur Station, in the Murchison region of Western Australia. He is a born and bred bush boy. Working as a pastoralist and chopper pilot in the early 80's gave him the unique opportunity of seeing only places that could be reached by helicopter, much of the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison regions along with the world heritage listed Shark Bay. Greg has a deep love of the land and has real concern for the future of the regions and climate change. Greg moved to Perth in the late 90's and..




Those close to me will know, I’ve been screaming for ages about why we continually have traffic jams on the freeway when we can work, create and ach
December 16, 2020
I’m delighted to let you know my second book is due to be released on 2 September. Now I know what you’re going to ask me, ‘Come on, Greg, what'
December 16, 2020
Three nations in Europe have already lost 13,000 lives as of 27 March 2020, so we need to get our butts into gear folks, not only to save lives, but a
December 16, 2020


Flying Bushman

An Australian story of life above the land

Overview The Flying Bushman is a non-fiction memoir of outback Australia, which the RM Williams Magazine confirms as "Raw & Real". Although the authors life has been filled with wreckage and  sadness, severe crashes, death, his mother’s Alzheimer's, broken relationships, depression and much more he has found many treasures amongst it all.....
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