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In Stories from the Heart, Greg Keynes, best-selling author of The Flying Bushman, returns with a new gripping collection of stories about life experiences in the outback, as if you were across the kitchen table. It’s hard work and pleasure and pain a plenty, with liberal doses of humor to get the job done.

Greg re-examines his own life experiences as a non-fiction memoir writer, but doesn’t just tell personal stories, allowing himself to view his life’s tales through a critical lens and objectively identifies moments of growth and or trauma that contribute to who he is as a person.

He writes from an environment where the oldest rocks on the planet reside, 4.4 billion years old, where the wait- a- while tree only grows in the world, catching weak drought stricken sheep in its undergrowth and yet enables top feed for livestock to survive on in times of drought, but it’s wood is so hard and burns so hot it blew up gold smelting plants at the turn of the century when used.

He now lives pretty much retired near Geraldton in Western Australia, Australia but will continue to write, possibly bush stories for children, to help inform them about the bush, that so many are unable to experience, and where Australia started.

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