16 December 2020

Richard Truscott

“Greg Keynes has done a magnificent job in putting the memories of his tough, eventful and fascinating life into print and it is a book that is not easy to put down.

He has fitted his life stories (and there are a lot) into a book that people will find totally fascinating. His memories are accurately recalled and recorded and provide an insight of life in the real Australian bush (travelling long distances on poor roads, isolation and the difficulties associated with living far from the comforts many of us are accustomed to).

From home schooling, leaving home at nine and a half to attend a Hale school in the city (originally knowing no one) and leaving after a successful secondary school life, working on the land, flying a mustering helicopter (and suffering subsequent serious injuries) and running his own business; it is all there. Well told and well-remembered.

It is worth a read.”